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New Feminist Fridays video! (Well, technically Saturday.)

What is White/Male Privilege?

Also, now with captions for people who are deaf/hard of hearing!

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Can a cat make cupcakes? Find out if Mushipan has what it takes to bake.

When he woke up from his nap, Mushipan ran to the kitchen and leaped back up to the counter. He watched as the lady took a cupcake and put something sweet smelling and creamy looking on top of it. It’s the cloud stuff!

“Hi, Mushipan! Can you help me frost the cupcakes?” the lady asked.

Oh yes! Mushipan helped the lady frost the cupcakes and even though he wanted to, he did not eat any of the fluffy frosting. They finished frosting all the cupcakes.

“Thank you, Mushipan. Now, I’ll pay you for all your help,” the lady took a cupcake and put it on a plate for Mushipan. “Here you go!”

Mushipan loved the smell and shape of the real cupcake. He took a small bite and then another small bite and then a big bite until the cupcake was all gone. Mushipan thought this cupcake was the most delicious cupcake he had ever tasted. 

He was full again and took a nap. Cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles danced around in his little dreams and Mushipan felt warm and happy.

Many more days passed this way and Mushipan became the lady’s baking assistant. He helped her bake cupcakes everyday.

One day the lady turned to Mushipan and said, “Okay, Mushipan. Make me your very best cupcake!” 

The lady sat nearby and watched Mushipan swish and swirl around the kitchen until the cupcakes were all done. He added sprinkles, marzipan bows and hearts to his finished cupcakes. The lady watched Mushipan with fascination.

By now, Mushipan was sleepy, but he still took his very prettiest cupcake and put it on a plate for the lady. The lady came over to the plated cupcake. She took a small bite, then another small and then a big bite until the cupcake was all gone.

“Oh my god, Mushipan! That cupcake was delicious!” the lady put her nose to his nose and smiled really big. “Your cupcakes are better than anything I’ve ever baked.”

Mushipan felt proud. He took a nap dreaming about how happy his cupcake had made the lady.

TO BE CONTINUED… Follow @blkwdwbalm for Part 4 of Mushipan’s Story

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