Bitchcraft Color Balm

3 Treats for berry bright lips this fall

Get ready for fall. Something witchy this way comes.

It’s no trick. I’m resurrecting two of your favorite Color Balms and unveiling a brand new one this Halloween. Sweet!

Voodoo vs. Spell

Welcome back Voodoo & Spell Color Balms

Are you Team Voodoo or Team Spell?
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Maybe you’re like me and you can’t choose, so you wear ’em both.

Lucky for us all Voodoo and Spell will have their returns just in time for Halloween this fall.

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It’s Bitchcraft

Bitchcraft Color Balm

Meet Bitchcraft, the warm pink berry color steeped in bright citrus and rose with notes of rich vanilla and a hint of patchouli spice.

It’s a perfect match for days when you feel like the moon and stars are within reach if miserable muggles would just let you be great.

Wearing Bitchcraft will not give you actual supernatural powers, but it is the color of a winter morning sunrise. This sunrise to be exact.


The sunrise that inspired Bitchcraft

And it does smell bewitching, like home-brewed vanilla bean on the burner and this home of yours is on some isolated Caribbean beachfront but you left the window up to let in the sea breeze last night so there’s a beautiful citrus fruit and rose floral scent rolling in in fragrant wafts like the waves on the shore.

So yeah, Bitchcraft is kinda fancy.

Bitchraft Color Balm also arrives, you guessed it, on Halloween!

Good energy crystals

Up your positivity & get good vibes with crystal energy

Good energy crystals

The more I work with crystals the more I can see that they are the physical form of time, pressure and change and the more I can totally relate to how that actually feels to me.

While crystals are quickly rising in aesthetic popularity because as always they’re stupidly pretty, they are also a really great material to reflect how we feel as we evolve throughout our lives.

You can also use crystals to help charge the vibes that clear your way, attract success and double your effectiveness. Here’s how you do it.

Desk Charger

Desktop quartz crystal

You can use any stone you like, but I like to keep the stones I place on my desk more natural and raw. Their natural shapes are pleasing to look at and the less the mineral has been cut and polished away the more of its metaphysical properties remain intact.

My go to mineral at the moment is clear quartz which is like an all-purpose power stone and with its steady high vibration, it also ups your energy and amplifies your intentions.

I’ve been working on making these clear quartz desk chargers for Black Widow Balm (pictured above and in the shop soon), but you can place any stone you like on your desk to activate energy to actualize goals.

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Light Catcher


via invokethespiritwithin

I’ve been working with quartz crystals for the last month. For one thing, they’re pretty and for another they’re abundant. Quartz is silicon dioxide and it’s commonly found in nature, so no blood on these diamonds, thankfully. 

And crystals are easy to decorate with. You can stand a row of quartz along a window ledge or get a little crafty by stringing some smaller crystals together to make a sun catcher for your window.

The refracting crystals will twinkle and scatter  sunlight all around your room.

Direct Deposits

This is about aligning your intentions with the flow of your money into your life because I wish money grew on crystals in caves, but it doesn’t. You will have to actually do something to make money and save, but luck favors the prepared and maybe crystals attract luck.

With that in mind, put some money attracting rocks in various good luck spots in your home and on your body. The farthest left corner from your front door is a folk auspicious place to store a money-attracting mineral like amber, iron pyrite, jade, moss agate, or white calcite.

Or carry a stone in your wallet for even more crystal luck attraction.

Hold On

Rose quartz

via the hood witch

Wait a minute. Let me put some quartz in it!

Ok, so back in July, when my first delivery of crystals arrived, I was curious about them. I looked at them, held them up to the sunlight and even sniffed them. They smelled good, by the way.

Then I was like, hey I’m just gonna lay down on the floor a minute and put this palm-sized rock on my chest.

It felt good. Really good, actually. The quartz was cool to the touch and I felt a peace and calm throughout my body. Even after I got up a minute later that cool, calmness remained.

When you’re meditating or just sitting you can grab a crystal. Like a meditation buddy, some folks say you can tap into past and future lives this way, but for me crystals simply amplify what I want in the moment and impart a peaceful physical cooling.

Hind Sight

Like a mobile sun catcher or a portable prism for your rear view mirror, you can use crystals to create a calmer commute.

The rear view mirror crystal works the same way as the sun catcher for your car, but one nice thing is if you find yourself kinda in crisis mode and you need a minute meditation you’ve got like an emergency crystal within arm’s reach.

Your rear view mirror crystal comes in pretty handy when some unfortunate soul sets you off at work or you’re just having a blah-I-don’t-know-kinda day. Lucky for you you’ve got your magic crystal to help you power up.

8 Signs you're a bossy witch

8 Signs you’re a bossy witch and why that’s a good thing

8 Signs you're a bossy witch

I’m sure you’ve heard the words bossy and witch said in a really gross and disempowering way.

But no more.

Being bossy is cool. Being a witch is grand. You just have to learn to work them the right way.

Here are 8 signs you’re a bossy witch and why that’s actually really right on.

You are a natural leader at your day job

You maintain a high standard of work for yourself. You show up, act adult and deliver. They might not like it and they might not always like you, but you can’t help but lead by example.

What you’re going for is respect, not likes. It’s nice when people like you, but at work it’s a little different. You can and do separate your job from you passion.

This saying seems to fit your leadership style:

I didn’t come here to make friends. I came here to win.

Except it’s not “winning,” it’s work.

You fantasize about being self-employed

Work is work and it’s not exactly life-changing or all that deeply fulfilling. Just showing up and delivering will, in my opinion, only get you so far.

That goes for “careers” as well.

You’ve got to channel your inner boss for a greater good, a deeper sense of self-worth by using your creativity and passion for none other than No. 1.

It’s challenging, but that’s how we do.

Starting out is probably the most intimidating part of becoming a bossy witch. I say go micro. Keep your goals big, but scale your projects down to boot-strappable, bite-sizes.

Self-financing your side-hustle is a great way to do something right now about your dream of self-employment. Check out Arriane Serafico’s super-inspiring and practical plan to help you get going on your creative business while working your day job.

And stay tuned to our Bossy Witches series for interviews and events with real people who are turning their goals into success.

Yes, ma’am, you got this.

You stay in to finish a project when everyone else is out


Have you ever turned down an invitation to go out so you can stay in to work on a project? And no one made you do it?

You could go out with your friends tonight, but you know this project can’t and won’t get done on its own.

Not only have you decided what is more important to you — a night out or doing something with more personal significance — you probably had to say no to a friend.

When you decide to skip a hangout to finish a project, you’re setting boundaries and prioritizing what matters most to you.

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Staying in to finish a project doesn’t make you a bad friend, it means you’ve got a goal you’re willing to make a sacrifice for.

And you’re going to need to know a thing or two about setting boundaries and prioritizing when you become your own boss.

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You can’t sit still

You’ve done your chores. Everything from washing dishes to prepping your meals for the week and now it’s finally time to sit down and to catch up on your favorite drama.

The opening scene rolls and 2 minutes later you’re searching your phone for the name of that one actor you know you’ve seen in something else before, but you can’t remember what the show was called.

What are you doing? You’re show’s on.

You focus back on your show and then 2 minutes later you’re researching how to make braided rugs and macrame plant hangers.

Maybe it’s a little ADD or could it be the way modern tech is always infringing on our personal time? Here’s another possibility: you need a more constructive outlet for all your pent up energy.

With so many ideas swarming in your head how could you not be drawn by curiosity to gather more information on subjects you want to know more about?

You know, keep it within reason. Do honor your downtime, but also pay attention to your inner voice. Look for ways to channel your energy into productivity.

You write in 2 notebooks daily


I had no idea that someday my love for collecting cute notebooks would turn into a full on love affair with making notes.

Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve kept a dream journal because that’s like free therapy, a notebook for Morning Pages and another notebook for all sorts of Black Widow Balm projects.

If you don’t have a notebook yet, it’s a good idea to keep at least one for all your creative ideas and questions and another for goals and plans. While there are tons of apps you can use to make a list or to help you keep notes, nothing beats putting pen to paper for working out complex thoughts and processes.

Don’t underestimate the magic of writing in any form. Keeping a notebook is a powerful yet simple way to remember better and it’s brilliant for sketching out your rough drafts.

You have ideas on how to improve a product somebody else made

You’re on your way to work, when at a red light you notice a local delivery truck with a company logo on it. Does that delivery truck blend in with all the other cars on the road or do you keep staring at the logo tilting you head, thinking, It’d be a cleaner design if they’d made the logo with a straight font like a sans-serif?

You’d think, if the designers were aware that the logo would be so in your face they’d have enough decency to make it look a little more pleasing!

Maybe you don’t get that offended, but you know how I feel, right?

You can be anywhere, doing anything at all when something someone paid good money to have designed and built to represent their brand jumps out at you because it just looks off.

It dawns on you that it should’ve been done like this and not that.

That habit, as annoying as it might be to friends and family, keeps your eye sharp. Your taste in recommendations isn’t what those designers should’ve done it’s what you have to do to create and then refine again and again until you’ve chiseled out your brand.

You really don’t need anyone telling you what to do

Authority figures. Ugh. Like parents, except they could be or not at all related to you.

It doesn’t matter, bossy witches just don’t really need anyone telling them what to do and probably don’t like people who do.

Instead of focusing on people who are in authority misusing or abusing their authority towards you, I just want to point out that there’s possibly a very good reason you resent authority.

When you’re already a leader and maintain a high standard of work who do you need telling you to step it up?

Well, a mentor, that’s who.

Not too long ago, I thought one had to go out and seek a mentor, like a quest, but once I started my new day job a few months ago I realized mentors are actually everywhere.

It’s all in how you look at them.

Thinking of your boss as an authority figure only puts you at odds with them making them more your rival and rivalry brings out all kinds of complicated situations you’d be better off not getting into.

You, by the way, need to conserve your energy to put into getting your biz together. Streamlined because complicated day job situations are better left to muggles.

You don’t even have the time. Float, witch, float!

But if you choose to reframe your boss as a mentor the whole scenario lightens up a bit.

Especially if your boss is a woman, look to see how she runs things in the workplace. Respect what she knows and try to learn all you can.

After all, she was probably a bossy witch long before you ever were.


Defeat and failure might be 2 of your biggest pet peeves

Never give up. Try, try again.

You’ve heard all the sayings before, but you actually specialize in victory. You could write a book on the subject and you’ve only just begun.

The game is not over because you totally leveled up the last round and earned another mushroom.

Small victories and personal successes add up to big confidence boosters for you. And you’re gonna need all the confidence you can get because your next failure is just ahead.

Unfortunately, there’s always something to harsh your vibe and just when things were getting good, too.

Keep failure as a pet peeve because it makes success so much sweeter. You don’t have to do much. Just keep going.

You might have to revise a plan, end up doing twice as much work, re-schedule a launch or save a little more money now because of something stupid that came along and interrupted you, but you literally cannot fail if you keep going.

Make a halloween tree with fall themed felt ornaments

Make a cute Halloween tree centerpiece for fall

Make a Halloween tree with fall themed felt ornaments

Make a cute Halloween tree with felt ornaments

Make a cute Halloween tree with felt ornaments

Hello Crafty Witches!

I want to share a fun and easy Halloween craft you can make at home with your family. Here’s how you can make a simple and cute tree with felt friends ornaments to use as a memorable Halloween centerpiece.

But be warned to homes with cat, this project will bring out the wild side of cat. It turns out cats love to bat acrylic pebbles and bite on pipe cleaners. I learned the hard way. My first tree was destroyed most unexpectedly. 

Halloween tree mini planter pot 

A plastic or foam cup cut down to size will do or make your tree really come alive with a mini planter made from plaster.


  • Plaster of Paris
  • Clean water
  • Bucket
  • 2 plastic cups


  1. Use a bucket to add two parts plaster of Paris to one part water and mix until smooth, but a few lumps won’t mess up the works.
  2. Pour plaster into a plastic cup or mold of choice. Fill about 1/3 full with plaster and then press a second plastic cup into the plaster to create a hollow space.

    Pour in plaster and put in cup with weights

    Pour in plaster and put in cup with weights

  3. Let set 30 mins to 2 hours if it’s humid out.
  4. Once hardened pull out the inner cup and remove the plaster planter from the mold cup. You may sand with sandpaper any rough patches as necessary.
  5. Optional: Paint or decorate your Halloween tree planter.
It's easy to make a tree from pipe cleaners

It’s easy to make a tree from pipe cleaners

Halloween tree 

Twist pipe cleaners into a tree with roots and branches to make a Halloween tree.


  • 1-2 packs of black pipe cleaners
  • Mini planter pot
  • 1 pack of decorative acrylic rocks


  1. Start tree by taking 5 or more strands of pipe cleaners and twist them together to make trunk working from the bottom up. Leave about 1 inch at bottom for roots and 2-3 inches at the top for branches.
  2. You can add width and height to your tree by wrapping more pipe cleaners around trunk until you have the shape of the tree the way you want it. halloween-tree-03
  3. Add branches by twisting pipe cleaners together 3-5 strands at a time onto the trunk of the tree leading the free end of pipe cleaner away from tree. Pinch strands in the middle then twist together around the trunk.
  4. Repeat step three twisting pipe cleaner branches into pleasing arrangements all around the tree. halloween-tree-04
  5. Once complete, place finished Halloween tree into container and cover roots with acrylic rocks.


Felt friend ornaments 

Now let’s decorate our tree with an army of freaky felt friends. Use the free PDF pattern to create ghosts and goblins to hang on your spooky tree.


  • Scissors
  • Felt friends pattern (PDF) 
  • Assorted color felt sheets
  • 1 black felt sheet
  • Acrylic paint or Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needle with large eye
  1. Make and share @blackwidowbalm your original #craftcoven Halloween ornaments or
  2. Download and print Halloween felt friends pattern from this PDF.
  3. Cut out patterns. halloween-tree-07
  4. Trace each pattern onto colored felt of your choice.
  5. Cut out felt shapes.
  6. Draw with sharpie, stamp with acrylic paint, or use embroidery floss to add facial features for fearsome friends.halloween-tree-08
  7. Glue or stitch felt pieces together to assemble friends. halloween-tree-09
  8. Glue or stitch each felt friend to backing felt and then trim down backing to fit.
  9. Use embroidery floss to thread each ornament. Tie floss in a loop to finish.
  10. Hang felt friend ornaments on branches to decorate your Halloween tree.


Now that you’ve conjured up an awesome Halloween tree you can place at the center of a terrifying table I’d love to see how you decorated your creation. Show us this and all your Halloween crafts by following @blackwidowbalm and tag your picture #craftcoven.

Merry Making!

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Black Widow Blog! I’m writing this post in my garage on my phone after recovering from a six-mile bike ride, sipping a St. Arnold’s Art Car IPA, while getting my witch on by preparing a prioritized list for the re-launch of Black Widow Balm. It turns out I do some of my best thinking when I’m out in my garage.

It’s good to be back!

I was technically on vacation since April, but I’ve actually been working the whole time. I’ve ground away too many hours and cups of coffee getting my time, money and most importantly my self-worth together for the last five months in order for me to re-commit myself to my life goals.

While I was away I realized some key truths about myself. One of which is my focus is too narrow because, I mean, literally, my friend, Kat, did a tarot reading a few months back and I drew the Hangman. And that made me think, Am I limiting myself to growth?

I did some soul searching and what I came up with shocked me. With my focus turned up to laser-like-10, I was segregating Black Widow Balm from everything else I love to do which meant I had nowhere to grow.

The solution was not immediate. In the meantime, I got a day job, read books, lived without the internet and nuzzled my cats on a daily basis which is why they’re so spoiled.

Then one day just like today, I was sitting in my garage after two weeks of major insights. These insights, like flashes of a forgotten dream, finally pieced together and made sense. I could see it exactly how I was meant to get it: I need everything that makes me me and that especially includes being the boss of Black Widow Balm, finding different ways to express myself creatively and talking to people who inspire me to keep doing better.

And so I thought: If these things are important to me then maybe they are important to someone else.

I did not hesitate to jump back in. I know Black Widow Balm is what I was born to do, but I have to remain open and conscious to all the various forms and shapes it’ll evolve through along the way.

As I prepare for Black Widow Balm‘s re-opening, which will be happening very soon, I’m bringing more to the table like new features coming to Black Widow Blog.

First up is a new blog series called #CraftCoven. I’ve been a long-time crafter and think of crafting as my one true artistic outlet. I can’t live without it. With #CraftCoven, I’ll share some hellaciously good and crafty DIYs with you.

I know many of you are amazing crafters already and so, I really want #CraftCoven to become a community of crafters sharing ideas and teaching techniques.

Next there’s the #BossyWitches series where I chat with empowered people from artists to business owners about how they make the imaginary real. I’m hoping to reveal how ordinary people do extraordinary things by self-actualizing their goals so you can learn to do the same.

Last but not least, I’m adding a horoscopes series to Secret Society because I believe in astrology and how it’s helped me map out what’s best for me in my life. There’s just something emotionally tangible to gain from age-old archetypes that inform us of who we are and the good we’re capable of. And anyway horoscopes are just so fun!

For me Black Widow Balm goes deeper than beauty. There’s an inner beauty that I want us all to reveal right now and I’m working to show that you can do just that throughout the blog and with each post you’ll find here and in your inbox.

Are you ready? Good. Let’s go!