Made this snack of salted caramel popcorn to munch!

Third Eye is looking so vibrant!

What does it look like when basil blooms?

Here’s what you might have missed this week at Black Widow Balm!

  1. Just Launched & Brand New Fresh Intuition Color Balm Starting at 6 Bucks a pop!

    Amulet Color Balm with Aromatic Basil, Clove and Vanilla Oils

    Cuneiform Color Balm with Carrot Seed, Jasmine and Clove Oils

    Third Eye Color Balm with Peppermint, Jasmine and Bergamot Oils

  2. New Sample Sizes for nearly every item in the shop!
  3. Mix & Match Fairytale Bridesmaids Gifts by Black Widow Balm
  4. Repacked REFINER Samples for Mystic 3

The first tubes of Amulet getting poured!

After a couple of spills I decided to repack samples of REFINER in screw top tin containers. This should hold up in shipping now

Thank you very much for a wonderful week! Have a happy weekend!

Can you believe this color? Introducing Amulet!

Scent mapping for the new balms. Cuneiform smells A-mazing

Getting down to the business of scent. Wish it was called Smellagram!