Calavera 12 always shines so bright. This batch is heading to @dottiebox!

Just poured samples of Iron Maiden. Off they go to the shop!

Here’s what you just might have missed this week at Black Widow Balm:

  1. It’s on now! #tooghoul #giveaway for your pleasure. Go and enter at your leisure »
  2. You’re so cool! You’re so wise! Giving back is twice as nice »
  3. So you gotta be fly? Soon there will be Men’s Grooming Supply » (Sign up for new product emails)

It’s great to see Friday here again and as always thank you for a wondrous week!

A brand new batch of Spell. Prepping for @dottiebox!

After a hard morning of napping on the window sill Chingu retires to his carrier for an afternoon of napping.

Here’s what you might have missed this week in the Black Widow Balm universe:

  1. Back To School the BWB way » Blast off to school!
  2. Too Ghoul for Skull takes off this Monday. Follow us here, there, and also there for your chance to win!
  3. Outsiders Sample Pack gets a stellar review from Talia » Check it!
  4. Have you seen our Instagram? It does got cats ^_^ » BOOOOM!

I’m sending out some thank you vibes with this picture of our favorite balms!

Made this snack of salted caramel popcorn to munch!

Third Eye is looking so vibrant!